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Dec 29, 2012 9:05pm EST
. it was a -- a -- little, i don't know, just an interesting experience. >> your first -- first biggest storm like that, you got other storms was this bigger than -- >> i think this was the biggest one that i was in. even though i'm from western iowa, where we would get these tornado warnings all the time and have to go to the basement, but we never got hit by a tornado. so i think this was the biggest one that i was in. >> and then, when did you go to new york and what did you see when you went into manhattan? >> i drove to new york excitedly as a 25-year-old graduate from professor van allen's physics department at the university of iowa in 1967, where i met steve schneider who was a student at that time. and, if i could just say a couple words about steve, it's kind of -- it's ironic that i'm getting the steve schneider award because we could not have been more opposite. [laughter] he had the gift of gab, you know, he's so articulate as a student and as a postdoc. so when i -- then i went off to the netherlands where i met my wife, who -- then i came -- who eventually became my wife, but i -- when i came
Dec 30, 2012 12:35am EST
the hoopla that went with that, which is not what i do, i'm not a communicator and i don't enjoy it. so, when there were request for interviews, steve said he was happy to take them. so -- >> and that division of labor was fine with you? >> yeah, that was fine with me. and if they insisted on someone on the east coast, then i send them to michael oppenheimer, but -- >> he's at princeton. so -- >> yeah. >> so on sandy, when you went back to new york after sandy, what did you see and what were you thinking? you wrote a book, storms of my grandchildren. were you thinking, aha, the storms i've been writing about are here now? >> well, it was an example. the storm -- you know, i titled it storms of my grandchildren because, if we pass the point where greenland begins to shed ice fast enough to cool the north atlantic, which only requires that you get up to about half a meter or so from greenland, that will increase the temperature gradients between the high latitudes and low latitudes and that is what drives cyclonic storms. so some of these storms of the century that we've had, the really big cyc
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2